Giu 13, 2018 in News
Over to the kids!

On Saturday April 28th, Officina Meccanica Genini welcomed class 3MA from the Istituto Tecnico Pietro Paleocapa in Bergamo, who are specializing in the study of mechanics and mechatronics, to our workshop.

The aim of the visit was to demonstrate to the students the practical applications of what they are studying in the classroom. In particular, we wanted to show them generation 4.0 machines, which are commonly used in the industry nowadays, but which they are unlikely to come across at school. The visit started with a short presentation about the workshop and the work we specialize in. The students were then divided into three groups and they visited the production, quality control and assembly departments in turn, accompanied by our employees.

It was a real pleasure to show this group of interested, polite and nice kids around the workshop. They represent the future, enthusiasm, and we believe that spending time on them is the best investment a company can make.