Issued in compliance with Art.13 of the 2016/679 EU Reg.– GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation)

Officina Meccanica Genini S.r.l. Registered Office: Via Monte Grappa 61/63 20069 Vaprio d’Adda (MI); Tel. 02/9094276 Fax 02/9094243 P.I./C.F. 12704190151 e-mail –  Sito web: is the data Controller.

Data Protection Officer
Officina Meccanica Genini, not being a public body and not dealing with data processing on a large scale ( including data as per artt. 9 and 10 ), and acting in compliance with art. 37 of the  2016/679 EU Reg., has resolved not to appoint any Data Protection Officer  (DPO).

Type of data processed and location where the data processing takes place
The Controller will only come into possession of data needed for the proper management of their website with the purpose of duly handling users’ requests and providing the services offered.  Data will be processed at the Controller’s premises or at the premises of any officially appointed Processor.

Browsing data
All the IT systems and software procedures aimed at operating this website usually collect a few personal data needed for their functioning and the transmission of such data is implicit in Internet Communication Protocols. Such data are not collected to be matched to any specific individual, however, they might be used to identify such users by matching them, through some special processes, with additional third parties’ data. This group of data comprises IP addresses or  PCs domain names used to connect to this website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) strings corresponding to the resources requested, the time such requests have been forwarded, the method used to forward such requests to the server, the size of the file received in reply to such requests, the figure corresponding to the reply given (successfully completed, error, etc.) and other parameters concerning the users’ operating system and IT environment. Such data are used only to gather some anonymous statistic information concerning  the use of the website and are immediately cancelled after having been processed.

Our website makes use of remarketing cookies for the purpose of displaying advertisements to users who have browsed the site, while they are browsing other websites ( in the most suitable manner as foreseen by such third parties websites). Cookies identify  the web browser on the PCs which have browsed the website, but can’t identify the users themselves. Such data can be accessed only by internal processors or third parties providing an IT assistance service to the website.

Purpose of the processing
Personal data are processed for the purpose of:

  1. Answering your queries (after you have provided data such as: your name, surname, email address) sent to
  2. Answering applications for job vacancies or requests for products and services provided by the company sent to

Legal references
Your data will be processed for the abovementioned purposed only upon your consent which shall be revocable at any time, without prejudice to the data processing activities carried out until such revocation.

Data processing method
Data processing may imply the collection, registration, preservation, amendment, communication, cancellation, circulation, and transfer of such data in a paper or digital format, in a way and by using such instruments are to ensure a suitable security and confidentiality level.

Data communication and circulation
Personal data will be processed by the company staff members, authorized by means of a formal endorsement letter, issued according to what prescribed by the  2016/679 EU Reg.,  and instructed about such processing in writing.

Such data may be notified to formally endorsed third parties, for the management of the marketing activities herein outsourced to them  by the Controller, and for M.P.E. S.p.a activities. Personal data will not be disclosed.

Personal data processed for the abovementioned purposes are stored only for the time needed for the performance of the activities they are collected for.

Owners’ rights
As the data owner, you are entitled, as per art. 15 GDPR, to what follows:

  1. Receiving the acknowledgment of the existence of your personal data, even prior to their registration, and their transmission in a comprehensible form;
  2. Receiving a notification concerning:
  3. a) the origin of such personal data; b) the processing purposes and method; c) the logic applied during the processing by means of digital instruments; d) the Controller, the Processors and the Officer’s identities as per art. 3, comma 1, GDPR; e) the identity of the subjects or categories of subjects such data may be disclosed to or who may be notified such data following their endorsement as National Processors or Officers;
  • obtaining:
  1. a) the update, the amendment or, if needed, the integration of data; b) the cancellation, the anonymous transformation or the blockage of processed data which may be in breach of the law, including those whose storage is not needed for the purposes they have been collected and then processed for; c) proof of the fact that operations listed in a) and b) have been notified, also with regard to their content, to those whose data have been disclosed or circulated, except when such operation may be not feasible or may imply the use of means which could be deemed to be obviously disproportioned if compared to the right to be protected;
  2. objecting, also partially:
  3. a) for legitimate and rightful reasons, to the processing of personal data, even though such data may be relevant for the purpose of their collection; b) to the processing of personal data aimed at sending advertisements or at the direct sale of goods or market research, by means of automatic calling systems without the intervention of an operator or by e-mail and/or traditional marketing techniques by phone and / or mail.
  4. Please note that the aforesaid right to object as per paragraph b), to the processing of data for digital direct marketing campaigns is automatically extended to include traditional campaigns and that owners are anyway entitled to object to such use even partially. Therefore, data owners are entitled to choose to receive only traditional marketing messages or only digital messages or neither of them. When applicable, they will also be entitled to exercise all rights granted by art. 16-22 GDPR (Right to rectification, right to oblivion, right to reduce the extent of the processing, right to data portability, right to object), along with the right to report to the Authorities.

How to exercise your rights
All such requests shall be sent to the Controller, without any specific formal procedure to be applied, by sending an email to

Right to complain
Data owners are entitled to file a claim to the Privacy Authorities to complain about a possible breach of the law and to ask for the intervention of the Personal Data Protection Authority located at n. 11 Piazza Venezia – 00187 Roma Fax: (+39) 06.69677.3785 Switchboard: (+39) 06.696771 E-mail:  Certified Email Address: