The production department of Officina Meccanica Genini consists of 13 transfer machines and 6 machining centres.

Technology which allows us to carry out all types of mechanical processing, from the most simple to the most complex, from the first casts to the finished product.

The production cycle begins with the construction of the dies, made to our specifications by our selected suppliers, drop forging (brass), die-casts or shell-casts (aluminium), cast models (bronze, cast iron).
From these dies the casts are made which are then processed on our machines. Both during the production start phase and during production of the various batches, continuous sample quality control checks are carried out which vary on the basis of the criticality of the piece. All the deburring machining processes are performed on our premises.

Where necessary and when required by the production process, assembly and testing operations then follow.

Officina Meccanica Genini uses an established network of companies with whom it has been working for years in partnership and synergy, and is able to offer customers a complete service, from concept to finished product. In fact, in addition to the work performed internally, Officina Meccanica Genini can take care of the upstream stages – casting, pressure die casting, molding – and downstream – galvanic treatments such as phosphating, burnishing, galvanizing, chromium plating, anodizing.