Passion for technological innovation has driven us to make continual investments in next generation machinery, allowing us to obtain high quality standards within a framework of price optimisation.

The workshop is spread over a covered surface area of 1600 m2  organised in:

Tooling department: equipped with lathes, grinders, sharpening machines, milling machines, allowing us to produce the necessary equipment for machining the various pieces with obvious advantages in terms of time and cost.

Production department: 13 transfer machines; 6 machining centres both single spindle and multi spindle, one of which has an integrated machine centre.

Quality control department: great attention is paid to quality control in order to offer our clients an ever higher standard of service.We work in Free Pass with most of our clients with a designated metrology lab at a constant temperature, equipped with a 3D-measuring machine, roughness tester, altimeter, specific buffers and gauges.

Computerised warehouse: the numerous and complex tools used in production are managed through a computerised warehouse which allows us to reduce equipping times, increase accuracy and contain costs.

Assembly/testing department:  equipped with machines we have designed and dedicated to resolving special assembly difficulties